The Universal Healing Tao is the system developed by Master Mantak Chia based in Thailand. John Scott Petty has been studying Master Mantak Chia’s system since 1986.

John qualified as a certified UHT Instructor in Thailand at the Tao Garden Resort in 2011. This beautiful award winning retreat and spa centre is located near Changmai, in the foot hills of the Himalayas.

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Lao Tzu Meditation Hall – Tao Garden Resort

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Master Mantak Chia Founder of the UHT system

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Master Mantak Chia & John Scott Petty 2003

[/wc_column][/wc_row]John teaches the following from the UHT syllabus.

1. ‘Basics’ {six organ sounds, healing smile, microcosmic orbit etc}
2. Healing Love
3. Iron Shirt
4. Tai Chi Chi Kung

Please contact for further details of workshops and regular classes. Visit www.universalhealingtao.com for instructor listings. Tao Garden Retreat and Spa bookings, Mantak Chias World Tour dates, and other information.

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Tao Garden Welcome Centre

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Instructors Training –¬† Winter Retreat Jan – Feb 2011