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Here you can purchase Johns DVD’s productions, and original Music. {Please see his other site www.johnscottpetty.co.uk for information on his career as a multimedia Artist}

Film Productions and DVD’s


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We are happy to offer John’s earliest to most recent Productions{2001-2011}. Where as in the beginning he had to use the most basic of equipment to produce his earliest visions pushing the technology to its limits, now he is embracing the incredible technological improvements with film quality with HD Digital Professional cameras, equipment, and HD Digital editing.

He now is making productions for others bringing his vision to their productions. He has been Art director on some small productions since 1998 {Please see his other site www.johnscottpetty.co.uk for information on his career as a multimedia Artist and if you are interested in hiring his film making services}. He has travelled to some incredibly remote and beautiful places both in the UK and abroad over the last decade to find locations to fit his vision. Beaches, Sea and Water figure much as the metaphor of Water is very strong within his disciplines and traditions.

You will also enjoy the stillness of Zen Gardens, Giant Redwoods, Hermitages, Ancient Forests, Gorges, Mountains and Lakes, as you travel with him to practice and learn. Taking inspiration from the pictorial nature of the Chinese Language, Taoist Philosophy, and ‘instruction by association’, John represents salient theories, approaches and methods through a tapestry of natural images and forms, and unique and original musical scores. This too he composes and plays. As an Artist he utilises his training to place emphasis on imagery and indirect inference to aid learning and instruction. This may not be clear initially to the those not immersed in the theory and practice of Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Martial Arts and Tai Chi.

As he said in an interview recently regarding his work;

“The little I’ll say on it is- ‘Bridges’ and ‘Gates/Doorways’ are metaphors from Taoism and Zen. ’The teacher leads the student to/through the Gate’ etc. Natural features such as flowers in bloom, landscapes, trees and their shapes etc are too, particularly in both Chinese and Japanese Art- but I use them also to denote particular energies intrinsic to Tai Chi, and also the I Ching {The Classic of Change}. Yes it all looks ‘pretty’- but that’s just the ‘entry level’ to my work as was theirs. They didn’t paint horror, disease, extreme violence, mayhem- and their societies were full of it! Its not the ‘end point’. Not entertainment for entertainment’s sake like now, and a quick buck.

{Please see a larger extract in the Articles section}

We offer his earliest analogue productions digitally re-mastered, up to his present HD quality and wide screen productions. The earliest provide instruction, but also archival material on his development as an Artist and Film Maker, Instructor and Practitioner. His wish to put ‘the Art back into the Internal Arts’ using imagery and suggestion to stimulate leaning and comprehension in the student has been commended by both his Teachers, other Instructors and many students.

Appraisals of John’s Tai Chi and DVD’s

Master Rupert Shonaikewww.tai-chi-studio.com – John has produced some very inspirational films encompassing not only his extensive experience as a trainer of Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan but also as an artist with a keen eye for location and setting.His skilful use of shooting with 2 cameras offers a split screen possibility of viewing each movement from both the front and with a side view at the same time. This will certainly be bonus for his students, whether they are training the large frame, middle frame or the short frame form of the Yang style, there is something there for everyone.John`s film work and outlook contains much to merit it .While there are now many films available demonstrating  the various Tai Chi and Chi Kung forms available , Johns productions certainly stand out as a holistic concept.

Grand Master Mantak Chia

Late Master Erle Montaigue – “Well done mate!”

{Please see ‘Articles and Excepts Section’ for one of the many correspondences between Erle and John over 15 years.}

Play Back

All John’s DVD’s are Region 2, PAL Format. The majority of DVD/Blue ray players including computer DVD drives world wide accept multi region DVD’s, and PAL or NTSC Format.

Screen Size

Adjustment to size of the screen image may have to be made on older television sets, including first generation wide screen sets. His earliest productions are 4:3 aspect ratio. His present {since 2006} are full wide screen 16:4, so these may appear cropped on older television sets. His most recent often contain clips in the ‘VAS Archive Section’ of the DVD’s in 4:3 aspect ratio so again adjustments may have to be made when viewing.

DVD’s Presently Available

Please note: these are only officially available via Johns classes and this site {apart from VAS DVDL1} please do not order them from other sources.

Internal Martial Arts and Yoga Titles {featuring John}

‘Tai Chi Inspirations’ Volume 1&2. 2 Disc {Ref VAS DVD1} Collectors Edition.
Price £24.99 – Now £9.99 inc p&p


Now extensively re-edited and re-mastered from original footage into two volumes. Beautifully presented with additional footage and a 2011 sound track from music made by John. This was originally Johns first solo Production on Tai Chi in 2002, at about 20 minutes with music. In 2006 extended it to two volumes, and WITH the additional features is over two hours long. This includes footage shot in stunning locations across the UK and Scilly Isles over four seasons. Includes part of the Yang Cheng Fu Tai Chi Form for beginners, excepts from Taoism ‘s ‘Tao Te Ching’ translated, parts of the ‘Tai Chi Classics’ {in Chinese} for the benefit of more accomplished students. Martial Applications are also introduced for advanced practitioners. Filmed in 2005,John allowing these to be filmed for the first time {More of this martial material from 2005 is included on the VAS DVD4 and more recent VAS DVD19 on its second disc}. Many DVD ‘Special features’ include the original 2002 edit {thought lost recently rediscovered on an old hard drive}, and in the new ‘VAS Archive’ section extensive photo galleries, other rare clips, and recent film shorts by John.

‘Chi Kung Inspirations’ Volume 1. Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung. 1 Disc {Ref VAS DVD2}.
Price £14.99 – Now £7.99 inc p&p


‘Standing Post’ Chi Kung is the basics of many Chi Kung practices. John presents an easy to learn five posture sequence from China. It has many advanced external physical alignments and internal energetic stages which he introduces. Three beginners versions are covered, ‘Great Mountain Body’ {Standing}, ‘Great Ocean Body’ {Moving} and ‘Secluded Sage Body’ {Seated}. Shot in 2003 in the seclusion of a beautiful and dramatic ancient Somerset gorge and wilderness in the UK, and Johns Garden and training area. With verbal instruction and music sound track.

Tai Chi Inspirations’ Yang Cheng Fu Style Tai Chi Chuan. Animation. 1 Disc. {Ref VAS DVD3} Collectors Edition.
Price £12.99 – Now £5.99 inc p&p


Beautiful unique Animation based on the photographs of Yang Cheng Fu performing Tai Chi in the 1930’s, and Johns studies with Yang Lineage Masters. John trained in the Yang Shou Chung Lineage {Yang Cheng Fu’s eldest Son} as taught by his Disciple Chu King Hong. Drawn, coloured and simply animated by John this was his first released title in 2002. A useful home study and reference guide for students when cross referencing and checking the sequence of their long form. It brings the Form ‘to life’ and within a space it requires for practice. A unique addition to any collection. Comes with many ‘Bonus Features’ including an early unreleased Animation by John.

‘Tai Chi Inspirations’ Tai Chi’s 13 Application’s -Tai Ji Shisan Yonggong Fa. Includes Martial Applications. Volume 1 & 2.2 Disc. {Ref VAS DVD4}.
Price £24.99 – Now £9.99 inc p&p


Tai Chi Chuan is comprised of ‘Eight Gates/Powers {Ba Men/Ba Jin} and ‘Five Stepping Patterns/Methods’ {Wu Bu} that then become ‘Tai Ji Shisan Yonggong’ or Tai Ji’s 13 Applications- sometimes expressed as Tai Chi’s ‘10,000 Martial Applications’. The Eight ‘Postures’ or ‘Force Feats’ and ‘5 Steps/Directions’ are the building blocks and ‘energetic’ components of all the Movements or Postures in all traditional complete Tai Chi Styles. Traditionally practiced before complex Long and Weapon Forms were introduced, these ‘Eight Postures’ are powerful static ‘Chi Kungs’ in themselves and functionally and energetically are the back bone of real Tai Chi practice. Understanding these methods creates a virtual ‘Alphabet’ of Tai Chi for the practitioner whereby they can create the ‘language’ to match. Nowadays few Instructors are even aware of these practical training methods or the need to understand these practices in Tai Chi. Shown here on this 2-Volume Set are the ‘Basic Stationary Postures’, ‘Straight Line Walking’, the rare ‘Compass Stepping’, ‘Turning on a Penny’ and ‘Circle Walking’ methods. Finally Martial Applications are introduced by section under each ‘Ba Jin’. This double DVD issuitable for all levels including novices, and seasoned practitioners looking to develop a deeper understanding of the Art. Beautifully presented in sections to easily memorise and learn. Shot on dramatic UK coast lines and at Johns Private Garden in 2006. With verbal instruction and original sound track.

‘Chi Kung Inspirations’ Ba Tuan Jin Chi Kung Volume 1.1 Disc {Ref VAS DVD6}.
Price £14.99 – Now £7.99 inc p&p


‘The Eight Pieces of Brocade’ Chi Kung is a very popular Chi Kung Style for Health and Longevity in China. Popular too with Martial Artists it has a variety of styles. Shot in a stunning Oriental Style Garden, and in the grounds of an incredible ancient cliff top Hermitage. The Basic Form is shown tree times, plus an alternative seated version. DVD ‘Special features’ includes an inspiring film short shot in the Lake District in Winter by John to aid relaxation and as an inspiration to your Chi Kung training. With verbal instruction and sound track.

‘Chi Kung Inspirations’ Ba Tuan Jin Chi Kung Volume 2. The Spiral Form. 2 Disc {Ref VAS DVD7}.
Price £24.99 – Now £9.99 inc p&p


‘The Eight Pieces of Brocade’ Spiral Form is an unorthodox version utilising the spiralling methods of Chen Tai Ji. This double volume shot in a stunning USA locations including two Japanese Gardens, Giant Redwoods a and other amazing locations in Yosemite National Park in 2006. DVD ‘Special features’ includes an inspiring film short shot in the Lake District in Winter by John to aid relaxation and as an inspiration to your Chi Kung training. With verbal instruction and sound track.

‘Yoga Inspirations’ Yoga for Beginners. Volume 1.2 Disc {Ref VAS DVD14}.
Price £24.99 – Now £9.99 inc p&p


Traditional Yoga isn’t about having a over flexible lycra clad body. Its a means to prepare for meditation. Many who could benefit are put off by the watered down versions of Yoga as commonly proffered in the West. A Teacher for over 15 years here John teaches basic exercises for improving the mobility of the spine, opening joints, increasing strength and sensibly stretching soft muscle tissue. Includes static and moving exercises from the Kundalini Yoga Tradition of India, and the Tao Yin Traditions of China.

Basic Breathing techniques, Meditation and resting phases are covered too. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Shot in the UK and Yosemite National Park USA in 2006. With verbal instruction and sound track.

‘Tai Chi Inspirations’ Yang Cheng Fu Tai Chi Form. Demonstration Volume 1. 1 Disc {Ref VAS DVD18}.
Price £24.99 – Now £9.99 inc p&p


For reference and comparison. Archive Footage of John performing a version of the standard YCF form at beginners level, including pauses, large overt postures, and how to practice in a limited space {10 ft by 6 ft}. From the Yang Sau Chung to Chu King Hung Lineage. Seen from Front Back and Right Side. Shot in the Scilly Isles and on the Cornwall coast in Summer 2002. Demonstrations only. No verbal Instruction. Original Soundtrack.

‘Tai Chi Inspirations’ Yang Cheng Fu Tai Chi Form – Demonstrations Volume 2. 2 Disc {Ref VAS DVD20}.
Price £24.99 – Now £9.99 inc p&p


Outlining The Forms Basics as in Volume 1, Volume 2 looks at other methods of Tai Ji Form practice utilising for clarity this popular version of the Yang Style. Demonstrated are four distinct methods including simultaneous front, side, and close up views, John shows how to take Tai Chi from a Beginners to Advanced practice, Large Postures to Medium, and the most rare the Compact/Small Posture Forms. These Methods are sometimes referred to as ‘Snake’,’Tiger’ and ‘Crane Styles’ in Yang Style. Other Form sequences exist for these Forms; John keeps it simple by showing the methods with this same Yang Cheng Fu sequence- all done slowly. The Compact Styles are often performed at a much faster dynamic pace. These will be shown in Volume 3. All shot in the beautiful Garden designed and build by John for Training, Filming, and Teaching, with additional footage in stunning locations in California USA in 2006 and 2007. John originally trained with Chu King Hung 3rd Disciple of Yang Sau Chung, the Eldest Son of Yang Cheng Fu, in the early 1980’s. Subsequently he trained with two of Chu’s senior Students Rupert Shonaike and Erle Montaigue who both gave him permission to Teach. John is also a Student and Instructor under Bruce Frantzis, a Old Yang Style Lineage Disciple, and former Student of Yang Sau Chung.Special DVD Special Features includes a ‘Glossary of Tai Ji Terms’ used in the Film, a ‘Old Yang Style Weapons’ DVD Taster, and other short inspiring Films by John.

‘Tai Chi Inspirations’ Old Yang Style Weapons- Demonstrations Volume 1&2. 3 Disc {Ref VAS DVD22}.
Price £34.99 – Now £14.99 inc p&p


These Form versions are from the Yang Shou Hou Style of Tai Ji Quan, which are more dramatic and martially orientated versions of those practiced in Yang Cheng Fu Style. They include jumps, leaping kicks, and rapid multiple strikes, and uniquely a rare Stick, and ‘Sword with Small Knife’ Forms.

Beautifully presented with over 3 hours of footage, these powerfully dynamic Forms are shown in five distinct main ways- Large, Medium & Compact Postures- and at slow and full pace. Also in large and small training areas to show how to adapt Forms according to space. Other many different approaches are also shown to improve the understanding of Weapon Forms. Utilising simultaneous front, side, and close up views, John shows how to take Tai Ji Weapons Practice from a Beginners to Advanced practice- Large & Slow Postures, toSmall & Fast. Shot in the serene garden designed and built by John for training, filming, and teaching, a Studio setting, and in stunning locations in California USA.On the ‘USA Locations DVD’ join John as he practices in stunning natural locations including snow capped mountains, quiet deserts, sunny beaches, breath taking waterfalls, and in tranquil Japanese Gardens.John originally trained with Chu King Hung 3rd Disciple of Yang Sau Chung, the Eldest Son of Yang Cheng Fu, in the early 1980’s. Subsequently he trained with two of Chu’s senior Students Rupert Shonaike and Erle Montaigue who both gave him permission to Teach. John is also a Student and Instructor under Bruce Frantzis, a Old Yang Style Lineage Disciple, and former Student of Yang Sau Chung. John learnt these form versions from the late Erle Montaigue.The DVD covers- Old Yang Style Sword {Jian} with and without a small knife, Old Yang Style Sabre {Dao}, Old Yang Style Stick {Gunzi} -Wudan Style Spear {Qiang} This Spear Form is thought to be that originally learnt by Yang Lu Chan, the Founder of Yang Style Tai Ji QuanDVD Special Features section includes a ‘Glossary of Tai Ji Terms’ used in the Film, Photo Galleries’, ‘Behind the Scenes USA’ featurete, ‘Blooper Reel’, and ‘Weapons Forms Created by John’ featurete introduction.

‘Tai Chi Inspirations’ Yang Style Short Form Volume 1&2. 2 Disc {Ref VAS DVD23}.
Price £24.99 – Now £9.99 inc p&p


Also known as ‘Simplified Tai Chi’,or the ‘Beijing Form’ this excellent Form is suitable for the novice upwards. John learnt this form from his late Teacher Ken Homan in the 1990’s, who trained directly with the top instructors in China every year for over two decades. The first of the modern short forms created, it was developed to teach Tai Chi quickly to the public at a time of a massive health crisis in China. It is mostly based on the Yang Cheng Fu Style of Tai Chi. For the first time John shows how to take this form from its ‘simplified’ basics to its deeper possibilities. Not just its usual ‘large posture’ methodology, but also with medium and small postures, proper alignments, and intent as practiced by traditional Yang Styles. These give the Tai Chi practitioner deeper understanding of the potentials for gaining all the benefits of this form’s practice. These are the ways few ever show, let alone know.Beautifully presented the same sequence form is shown in three main ways-Large, Medium, and Small Postures. Shown in both large and small training areas to demonstrate how to adapt the form according to space. Utilising simultaneous front, side, and rear views, John shows how to take this practice from a purely Beginners perspective to Advanced practice. Shot in the beautiful garden he designed and built for training, filming and teaching, his private training room, and in inspiring locations in Greece in 2010.On the ‘Greece Locations DVD’ join John in the summer as he practices in stunning natural Greek locations, including beaches, cliff tops, and natural springs. Additionally for the first time join him for morning guided Meditation Instruction sessions. At dawn, on the quiet island of Naxos with its breath taking views.

Internal Martial Arts and Yoga Titles {featuring other Instructors}

‘Tai Chi Inspirations’ Tai Chi and Chi Kung Demonstrations 1&2. 2 Disc {Ref VAS DVDL1} with Lindsay Robertson. A Film by John Scott Petty
Price £24.99 – Now £9.99 inc p&p


“Chi Break- the Art of Rejuvenation. Giving you the skills to create well being so you may enjoy freedom and ease in all areas of your life”

Disc 1 – Demonstrations of basic Qigong, Tai Ji Long Form,Tai Ji Sword {both Cheng Man Ching style} Tai Ji Sabre {Yang Cheng Fu Style}, Tai Ji Ruler {Fong Ha Style}, and Tai Ji Stick. All shot in California on dramatic rugged coastlines, and in serene Oriental style Gardens in 2007.Disc 2 – Bonus DVD-‘Tai Ji Encounters’. Demonstrations of Tai Ji Push Hands, Sword, Sabre and Fan by other practitioners, in dramatic Californian locations in 2007. Also includes mini movies of the visits made by Lindsay and the filmmaker to a Buddhist Monastery, the Giant Redwoods, Oriental Style Gardens, and other inspiring locations. Both DVD’s are complimented with original music by the film maker John Scott Petty.Lindsay Robertson has been studying Tai Ji Quan and Qigong since 1998. She has also studied Reiki, Crystal Healing, Qi Gong Tui Na, and Voice Work. In recent years she set up ‘Chi Break’ to promote herself, other practitioners, classes, and special events. She has been both a student of Bruce Frantzis and John Petty. For more information contact www.chibreak.com

Other Titles by John

‘Ragtime Cape Town Jazz’-the Heart Beat of the Cape {Ref VAS DVDM1}.
Price £12.99 – Now £5.99 inc p&p


This is the impromptu film, and first Film project, by John on a trip to South Africa in 2001. It is based around the chance meeting between him and a trio of musicians outside a Sea Food Restaurant in Cape Town. John weaves their simple heart felt music around his visual impressions of the contrasts of South Africa. Its beauty and wealth, its poverty and divisions, its unity.

Shot beautifully on a early hand held video camera, on the move ‘commando fashion’ from Safari in Krugar National Park to Cape Town. He records a colourful country in flux, all to the sound of inspired street jazz renditions of old time classics. Re-mastered, re-edited and digitalised for DVD.